Diet & Digestion

        Diet & Digestion

Diet and Digestion are the keys to good health.
Why? Proper diet and digestion decreases inflammation, improves immunity, decreases toxic load, and increases nutrient absorption. 

The opposite is also true. With poor diet and digestion comes increased inflammation, poor immunity, an increase in toxins, and a depletion of nutrients. Hence, you are swimming against the current when trying to cure illness without addressing diet and digestion. 

A few facts. Over 80% of the body's entire immune system resides in the gut. Digestion can take up to 30% of your daily energy intake. As a fetus, the neural crest breaks in two with 2/3 becoming the brain and spinal cord, the other 1/3 becoming the nerves of digestion (a separate, independent brain). 90% of the Serotonin that you produce daily is made in your gut. 

Take the quiz!

Do you experience bloating? 

Do you have less then 7 bowel movements per week? 

Do your bowel movements feel incomplete? 

Do you have any history of food poisoning? 

Have you ever gotten sick while traveling?

Have taken more than 3 rounds of antibiotics in your lifetime? 

Do you feel like your food is not being digested? 

Do you suspect any food intolerances? 

Do you have any skin issues (eczema, psoriasis, acne)? 

Do you experience any joint aches and pains associated with your diet? 

Do you ever have blood or mucous in your stool? 

Do you have heartburn? 

Are you on any medications for digestive function? 

Have you had a "normal" GI scope but still have functional issues? 

Do you experience any stomach cramps or pain?

Have you been diagnosed with IBS? 

If you answered yes to any of the questions above contact us now to improve your diet and digestion!  
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For over 15 years now, Motions is winning in the weight loss department with helping people lose 350,000 pounds of weight with equal amounts of pain management. We have some of the highest training numbers in the United States of America, which means we have seen your condition, concern, or problem at some point. We have a method and process to help you overcome it! Motions is here to help people change their lives for the better in anyway possible from exercise to nutrition to psychological. We will not rest until we know that we have done our best to provide each and every person on the planet the very best fitness and nutrition systems in the World.

Get started at Motions today and help us reach over 400,000 pounds of weight loss this year.

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