Our Nutrition is iNBalance at Motions Fitness

It is a systematic approach to eating well balanced, whole and healthy. Being a healthy person is not a one-time thing it is a lifetime thing. Our nutritional specialists focus on what your body needs to function optimally. You cannot put oil in your gas tank and expect it to run properly. We feel the same with food. You need to put proper things in to get the best from your body. You will have more energy, better digestion and a plan specific to your goals.


A Motions nutritional specialist will focus on YOUR body needs. Whether your goal is to lose weight, gain weight, or just feel better, they will provide you with a solution. Upon establishing your goals, a plan will be put into action. The first step is to establish your resting metabolic rate and find out where your caloric budgets lie. This is done with a simple 12-minute test that will give us the numbers we need for success. You will then be paired up with your new best friend, your iNBalance Journal. The iNBalance food, exercise, and sleep journal is the most powerful aide to reach your goals. People who keep food, exercise, and sleep records not only lose more weight, they are more likely to keep it off. By utilizing 5 simple components and motivation, you will improve your health, enhance your lifestyle, and create the ultimate you. In combination with the iNBalance book, you will get all the education and knowledge to make the right choices, create the right combinations, at the right times. The iNBalance book and journal combination will get your from the person you are now, to the person you want to be in 12 life changing weeks.

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