Stress, Hormones, Inflammation

Stress, Hormones, & Inflammation

One of the most insidious consequences of stress, hormonal imbalances, and insulin resistance in particular, is inflammation, which is now thought to be at the root of all chronic illness we experience — from heart disease, obesity and diabetes to dementia, depression, cancer and even autism. 

Stress, Hormones, and Inflammation are the body’s core systems we must address to prevent disease, power our vitality, and create immune balance. We may feel healthy, but if stress, hormones, and inflammation is raging inside of us, we’re in trouble. 

The real concern is not our acute stress, hormone, and inflammatory response to injury or infection, but the chronic smoldering inflammation that slowly destroys our organs, compromises our ability for optimal functioning and leads to rapid aging. 

The real effects of statin drugs like Lipitor in reducing heart disease may have nothing to do with lowering cholesterol and everything to do with their unintended side effect of reducing inflammation. But is that the right approach to address the problem? No. This treatment approach is a classic example of what I call “downstream” medicine: Modern medicine tends to get caught up in treating the symptom — inflammation, in this case — without actually stopping to think: What is actually triggering this inflammation? Where is it coming from? 

Common treatments such as anti-inflammatory drugs (ibuprofen or aspirin, for example), or steroids like prednisone, though often useful for acute problems, interfere with the body’s immune response and inevitably lead to serious side effects. In fact, as many people die from the side effects of taking excessive amounts of anti-inflammatory drugs like ibuprofen as die every year from asthma or leukemia. In other words, stopping the inappropriate use of these drugs would be the lifesaving equivalent of finding a cure for asthma or leukemia. Hard to believe, but true. 

So, what is the “upstream” medical approach to stress, hormones, and inflammation? First, identify the triggers and causes of these, such as sugar, processed foods, hidden food allergens, environmental allergens, toxins, stress, being sedentary and hidden infections. Then, remove as many as possible, and help the body’s natural immune balance reset by providing the right conditions for it to thrive. 

Taking a comprehensive approach to reducing stress, hormones, and inflammation at its source is one of the most important things we can do to support the core systems of the body, and we consider it a cornerstone to good health. 

In fact, the future of medicine may no longer have specialties like cardiology or neurology or gastroenterology, but new specialists like “stressologists and inflammologists” who focus on precisely these sorts of root causes of disease. In the meantime, it’s up to you to keep a close eye on your own “fire within” — and to take the steps that will keep them from smoldering out of control. 

Take the quiz! 

Do you feel like stress is affecting your life? 

Do you feel tired in the morning after enough sleep? 

Do you wake up between 2-4am in the morning? 

Do you feel tired between 2-4pm and need caffeine to keep going? 

Have you suffered any major losses recently or in the past that have not been addressed? 

Do you have emotional instability? 

Do you feel exhausted shortly after you exercise? 

Do you crave sugar, salts, and fats? 

Do you feel like your sleep is broken? 

Do you carry weight in the mid-section that is hard to lose? 

Do you feel like you don't have time for yourself? Do you feel anxious? 

Is your motivation not what it used to be? 

Do you experience hot flashes? 

Do you have PMS? 

Do you experience mood swings? 

Has your libido (sex drive) dropped?

Do you experience aches and pains that don't seem to go away? 

If you answered yes to any of the questions above contact today to control the fire within!  
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