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Technologies & Testing will help identify the missing links!
DNA Testing

How will a genetic profile help me?
  •   Live a healthier life  
  •   Reduce the guesswork
  •   Avoid lengthy trial and error
  Where does my swab test go?

 All swab tests are sent directly to our DNA testing laboratories where lab technicians test 33 genes.

DNA testing was founded by Scientists and Doctors who are leading the development of genetic based fitness and health in the UK and Europe. They have trained, qualified and licensed only a handful of personal trainers to conduct full analysis and post swab test fitness and diet advice. Motions Fitness is a fully certified DNA testing center and is qualified and licensed to analyze DNA genetic profile results and offer advice on nutrition and fitness.


You are strongly advised by Motions Fitness to seek professional advice and guidance from a DNA testing certified, qualified and licensed personal trainer. Motions Fitness offers advice and guidance either in person at Wright Street in Marquette, Michigan or via telephone, skype and email.
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A lifetime of poor posture can start a progression of symptoms such as:

– Fatigue: With poor posture, the muscles have to work extra hard just to hold you up. You waste energy just moving, leaving you without the extra energy you need to feel good.

– Tight, achy muscles in the neck, back, arms and legs: By this stage, there may be a change in your muscles and ligaments and you may have a stiff and tight painful feeling. More than 80% of neck and back problems are the result of tight and achy muscles brought on by years of bad posture.

– Joint stiffness and pain: You may be at risk for “wear and tear” arthritis, or what is termed degenerative osteoarthritis. Poor posture and limited mobility increase the likelihood of this condition in later years. 

What can you do to help yourself? Visit our professionals to have your posture assessed and to discover the relieft that our Postural Insoles provide.

Autoimmunity Testing
Cyrex™ is a Clinical Immunology Laboratory Specializing in Functional Immunology and Autoimmunity. Cyrex™ offers multi-tissue antibody testing for the early detection and monitoring of today’s complex autoimmune conditions. Cyrex™ develops innovative arrays through continuous collaboration with leading experts in medical research and clinical practice.
How Does Cyrex Work?

Advanced Hormone Testing
Do you have concerns about your hormonal health? Are you struggling to understand the reasons for your symptoms? Have you been looking for a comprehensive test you can easily take in the comfort of your own home?
Precision Analytical offers the DUTCH line of products to help assist in your quest for optimal health.
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