Touch Therapies

Touch Therapy helps eliminate dysfunction and improves blood flow and movement.
Motions Trigger Point Therapy is designed to help alleviate and remove the source of pain or dysfunction through isolated pressure. It can also be utilized for relaxation. With this type of treatment, the client actively participates through deep breathing and movement to help aid the release of the trigger point. Receiving Trigger Point Therapy from one of Motions Movement Specialists on a weekly regimen can help naturally alleviate pain, dysfunction, stress, and have you feeling like new again.


Releases tension in muscle Alleviates pain associated with tight muscle Helps range of motion and movement Improves circulation Relaxes the body and mind Helps you move better

All of our experts are trained in the latest myofascial release techniques to alleviate your pain, improve joint range of motion and improve all your activities of daily living. Start living pain free today!

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