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By Dawn Evans 19 Dec, 2016

In her 42 years, Tammy Zeug has seen every dress size from 22 to 6

Looking through old photos, she would think to herself, “Is that really me?”

When Tammy Zeug recently reached 100 pounds lost at Motions Fitness in Marquette Michigan, she had a simple message: “self-shame was making me eat and I didn’t know how to fix it.” This is familiar rhetoric ground: warning of important weight-related feelings of shame and guilt as critical factors for coping responses in obesity.

Read on about reversing habits and Losing to Win here.

By michael.weitzman 16 Dec, 2016

For many years now, non nutritious sweeteners (or NNS) like aspartame, sucralose, stevia and acesulfame-K were thought to have an influence on insulin and insulin secretion.

The reality is a bit different.

This article will not discuss which is the best sweetener and how they can be detrimental or not for your overall health, but rather discuss how they interact with your system and cause the weight gain associated with the consumption of diet soda and other sweetener-laden foods (1,2) .

By P Sharma 15 Dec, 2016
A group of Chinese scientists recently researched the effects on dietary intake of nuts such as pistachios, pine nuts, almonds etc.. for various health conditions.
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