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By Dawn Evans 23 Feb, 2017

Make sure you optimize your brain to make the most out of life

Nowadays, the need for performance is everywhere. This is true even in health-conscious individual. Heck, I have already started looking into adrenal graft for my staff. This is why optimizing brain performance is a crucial knowledge to develop. Brain fog is one of the great thieve of productivity and well-being there is

It’s not just about lifestyle, either. I’ve been into optimizing the brain since 1982 for my athletes because I noticed that the more they take care of their brains, the more strength they gained. And they made gains faster. So I always make it a priority to teach my athletes various ways to take care of their neurons and improve the brain’s output.

There are many strategies to help the brain perform better, but a few staples can make a big difference. Here are my Pillars of Brain Power

Continue reading here.
By Dawn Evans 13 Feb, 2017
Zinc is where it’s at!

Zinc has a long history known as the mineral of the immune system. New research from Oregon State University demonstrated that it appears to affect how the immune system responds to inflammation. A zinc deficiency may play a role in chronic diseases that involve inflammation, such as cardiovascular disease, cancer and diabetes. I see this deficiency frequently on plasma zinc levels on my patients with autoimmune disease.

Are you getting enough Zinc? Read on here.  
By Dawn Evans 09 Feb, 2017
When the Cravings Hit
It happens to almost everyone. You’ve eaten a good dinner, you’re not really hungry but all of a sudden you need something bad and you need it now! You feel the cravings for foods that are off limits

Next time that snacking urge hits, reach for this magic potion.

What's the magic potion? Continue reading on here.
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