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By Coach Charles R. Poliquin 07 Dec, 2017

Years ago, a leader in the self-help industry, a man I highly respect, contacted me to find him a home trainer. Wanting to help him out as best as possible, I asked him a few questions. Very proudly, he announced he only drank soy lattes. I asked if his nipples were now the size of Frisbees, and he had more problem concentrating.

Needless to say, he inquired how I knew about the fact he was practically in need to wear a bra coupled with the attention span of a bobble head.

I despise all unfermented soy products like soy milk. Here  are a few reasons why you should avoid soy milk.

Reason 1: It contains phytic acid
That is a compound that depletes nutrients and it wrecks havoc on mineral absorption. Most people already have poor digestion. Why make the situation worse?

Reason 2: Soy contains oxalic acid
Oxalic also depletes nutrients by binding to calcium, magnesium and iron, thus decreasing the absorption of these vital nutrients.

Reason 3: It is most likely coming from a GMO source
The Center for Food Safety estimates that 91 percent of the soybeans sold on the market are from a GMO source.

Reason 4: It is a feminizing agent
Because of its phytoestrogen content,  men in particular, should avoid it unless droopy breast tissue, sexual dysfunction, reduced pilosity are on their goal list. This situation is even worse if you give it to infants.

Reason 5: It disrupts the thyroid
The goitrogenic content of soy products interfere with thyroid function as it disrupts iodine absorption. A drop in thyroid function eventually leads to fat gain.

Reason 6: Soy creates digestive issues
Soy milk is high in oligosaccharides, a carbohydrate that most people have a hard time breaking down, thus creating gastric discomfort, bloating, and enough gas to create your own personalized hole in the ozone layer.

Reason 7: It contains too much manganese
Robert Crayhon was the first one to point it out to me in 1999. Soy is processed in manganese vats, which leaks into the product. Manganese in excessive amounts is neurotoxic, hence the association made between soy products and attention deficit disorder.

Crayhon was always ahead of his time. Here is a piece on soy and manganese toxicity published in 2012, thirteen years after Crayhon pointed it out to me.

Bottom line: get your raw milk from animals with breasts or utters

By Amber Pender 30 Nov, 2017

You must begin with the end in mind. A proper pre-workout meal will give you:


2.Mental drive


Your goal will determine your priorities and dictate what to eat pre-workout.

If hypertrophy is paramount, your cellular energy gauge must be high since it modulates mTOR activity. If you are doing a neural workout for strength, then brain function will take precedence over energy status. Neurotransmitter dominance also accounts for your choice. Earth types typically do better on carbs than their Yang counterparts.

Keep in mind that pre workout nutritional strategies will often represent trade-offs. There is no black and white answer but are a few rules to bear in mind when making a decision.

Continue on with the 5 Steps, plus more great information by clicking the link below:

By Amber Pender 27 Nov, 2017

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