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Personalized Lifestyle Medicine

is a newly developed branch of medicine that refers to an approach to wellness in which an individual's health metrics from point-of-care diagnostics are used to develop lifestyle medicine-oriented therapeutic strategies for improving individual health outcomes in managing chronic disease.

Personalized lifestyle medicine can provide solutions to chronic health problems by harnessing innovative and evolving technologies based on recent discoveries in genomics, epigenetics, systems biology, life and behavioral sciences, and diagnostics and clinical medicine. A comprehensive, personalized approach to medicine is required to promote the safety of therapeutics and reduce the cost of chronic disease.

Personalized lifestyle medicine provides a means of addressing a client's health by empowering them with information they need to regain control of their health.

Personalized medicine is based on the identification of genetic variants through laboratory tests and/or functional biomarkers for the purpose of designing patient-specific prescriptions for diet, exercise, stress, and environment. by stimulating and enhancing the self-healing capabilities of the human body. Its fundamental principle is to restore the functionality of the entire human organism. 

Motions is a pioneer institution in the application of personal lifestyle medicine therapies that meet the highest standards of quality, resources, commitment, and cutting-edge technologies under the direction of Dr. Michael Koskiniemi.


Your dedicated Care Team is led by highly-skilled doctors with advanced training in functional medicine, functional neurology, exercise, nutrition, psychology, and comprehensive testing.

Michael Koskiniemi, PhD, CSCS, NSCA-CPT


Mark Engelman, MD, FSCM, ABAARM, FAARM

Gary Koskiniemi, MS, RN

Lisa Mills, Health Coach, EMT

Sarah Koskiniemi, BS, Health Coach

Kayla Lajoye, Health Coach

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